'Watch from your gut, listen to your soul'


Peter has installed a large mosaic (‘The Wall’) on a wall in a public space in the Amsterdam quarter of Zuidoost (Huntum) for a private client.
Its subtle texture in combination with an expressive force makes his work particularly suited to exposure in, and direct interaction with public spaces.


In view of the so-called ‘participation society’ i’ve taken care of this vintage Dutch traffic sign (from the 1966 series). It should have been replaced in 1990, but never was. The sign was located beside a footpath near the Gouden Leeuw apartment building in Amsterdam. It was bent out of shape and smeared with paint. I’ve redone it, turning it into art, but keeping its original function. It bears the title ‘Voetpad’ (Footpath) (2015).

In 2016 i restaurated more traffic signs.

Artist impression: some of my sculptures in public space!